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Buy American!    Learn To Ride!

American Made Luggage and Accessories, check out SAC Luggage

Looking for American Made riding gloves???

Check out Sullivan Glove Company of Bend, Oregon!

Always carry a MagLite Flashlight. Made In USA and Guaranteed FOREVER!


If you need ride pins for your event please get them Made In America!

Contact: www.customizedmemories.com

American made Tie-Downs!


90% of "biker leather" is made in countries like Pakistan or China...

The companies below support Americans with American Jobs by putting them to work!


For about the same and usually LESS than what you would pay for leather goods made in countries that hide or support terrorists, or governments that don't believe in freedom of choice you can buy American Made products.

We feel that supporting American Companies that put Americans to work is the right thing to do. Right now more motorcycle leathers are made in countries like Pakistan than in the U.S. Pakistan is a country whose government is opposed to capturing terrorists, and has threatened military action against U.S. Troops if they pursue terrorists across the border into Pakistan. Please do not buy products made in countries that condone and give refuge to terrorists. Below are several companies that make real nice jackets, vests, and chaps in the U.S.A.

TRD Leather for example has a lifetime guarantee on it's products and the cost is about the same as a foreign made product so why not support American jobs?





Fox Creek Leather is a small, family-owned company located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia not far from the Blue Ridge Parkway .

There’s a lot to consider when buying motorcycle leathers – you want your gear heavy enough to protect, but supple enough to wear comfortably. When you buy Fox Creek Leather gear, you are buying an American made product that is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Our motorcycle apparel is designed by an experienced biker who knows what leather thickness and quality best protects you (3.25 – 4.5 oz full-grain leather depending on the jacket, vest or chaps style), what extras keep you most comfortable (strategically placed vents, zip out Thinsulate lining, internal wind flaps), and which features mold to your riding position (extra long backs, expansion panels in the shoulders, and extra long sleeves).

Our motorcycle apparel is comfortable, protective, and crafted from full-grain drum dyed naked leather – the softest and most supple leather available.

If you want to know how all this got started, where we’ve been and what we’re up to now, check out our website at:


www.mustangseats.com    www.leatherneckjims.com    www.leatherworksinc.com    

www.eagleleatherworks.com    www.hunterflatbars.com    www.spleather.com

www.americancycleaccessories.com    www.bakerdrivetrain.com

www.gotsaggybags.com    www.epiflex.com

There are trailers for motorcycles,

and then there are folks who trailer motorcycles...

Here are the right kind of trailers to tow with your motorcycle!

www.bushtec.com Cargo Trailers

www.timeout-trailers.com Cargo and Camping Trailers